Becoming an Intern

Policy for Hosting Interns

Future Worlds Center puts enormous value in sharing its enthusiasm, energy, know-how, experience, processes and procedures developed over the years, with the rest of the world. Therefore, we invite individuals from around the world to come and spend some time in our organization. Many people apply every year to do an internship with our organization. Since we follow a strict selection process, we strongly encourage those interested to start their application early, to study the philosophy, our vision and mission, the policies and procedures of the organization, and to prepare a well written cover letter explaining their interest and the way in which they think Future Worlds Center can benefit from hosting them. FWC's policy regarding the mentoring of our interns includes the following:

• Before accepting a new intern, associates must consult with their respective Head of Unit and to check the availability of office space and resources to avoid congestion;

• They should also inform all Heads of Units to make sure the skills of a potential intern match the current needs of the whole organization. Interns cannot be placed to workstations of Current Associates of the organization. Every intern has to be assigned a Mentor (preferably a Senior Associate). The mentor is in charge of agreeing and monitoring the schedule (working hours) and workload of the intern;

• The intern cannot be involved in tasks assigned by other associates without prior permission of the intern's mentor. The intern's mentor is responsible to follow-up the training of his/her intern, as well as to draft the Reference Letter at the end of the internship, which will however be signed by the Head of Unit and/or the Executive Director of the organization.


Policy regarding Interns Remuneration

FWC has no funds allocated for interns. Most interns are financially supported through their sending organizations, third-party scholarships or their families. We are happy to support the process of an intern's application for financial support.


Policy on Interns and Internship Durations

FWC wishes to open its doors to as many young social entrepreneurs as possible. This is however not possible because an intern is not only an asset for the organization, but also a liability, both in terms of time attention required as well as financial costs incurred. We therefore rarely accept more than one intern per unit at the same time. Furthermore, interns are not encouraged to apply for durations shorter than 6 or ideally 12 months, because such applications are approved only under extraordinary circumstances.


Obligations of Interns

FWC is not able to provide computers to interns, therefore every intern should bring his/her own laptop and use it during the internship. Every intern has to support Future Worlds Center Administration by dedicating 2 hours per day to execute administrative tasks such as answering phones, dealing with clients, copying, filing etc. 


Procedure for Inviting and Hosting Interns

Any Future Worlds Center Associate may respond to an incoming request for an internship. However, all requests must be communicated to the FWC Interns Liaison and Future Worlds Center Chair.


Necessary Requirements

The following are absolutely necessary requirements in order to accept anyone to do an internship at our organisation:

-The Applicant is committed to spend at least 6, or preferably 12 months at FWC

-There is at least one Project Coordinator interested to serve as Mentor for the Applicant

The first condition can be waived only with the support of at least two Board Members who will prepare a Mini Board Resolution.

For inviting and hosting interns, official application completed by the intern should be submitted to the Future Worlds Center Interns Liaison as well as Head of the relevant unit.