Website: http://www.teachmdgs.net

The Teach Millennium Development Goals project is one of the key projects funded by EuropeAid to support the promotion of the Millennium Development Goals across Europe and in the world at large.

This particular project was a follow-up on the very successful Accessing Development Education. The current project envisioned to raise awareness about and incorporate development issues in general and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in particular closer into the educational system. The development takes place in four new EU member states (NMS - Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Estonia), but the products are designed to serve any stakeholders across Europe and Africa. The goals is to increase teachers’ capacity in development education and the MDGs. Educating the European societies about global inequalities, about the causes and consequences of extreme poverty in especially Sub-Saharan Africa, about global interdependences and about the citizens’ roles and responsibilities within this context is of unprecedented importance considering the complexities of our environment and our interactions on an every day basis.

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