When a number of teenagers, participated in conferences both in Cyprus and abroad, they were able to lay the seeds in founding a youth organization known as Youth Promoting Peace (Y2P)[1]. An original meeting which took place in Hawaii spurred two teenagers to do “something more”, to try to change things in Cyprus and to bring the young people of the two communities closer together. More conferences, which took place both in Cyprus and abroad gave the necessary inspiration and confidence to found the group and declare the dedication of its members to work for peace both in Cyprus and in the world. Since the inception of Y2P, the group has focused its efforts on the rapprochement between the two communities in Cyprus and the creation of bridges of communication, tolerance and understanding between the Greek Cypriots (GC) and the Turkish Cypriots (TC). A positive coinidence brought a senior facilitator Dr. Yiannis Laouris in contact with the early pioneers. Laouris was trained by international peace builders like Dr. Louis Diamond and Dr. Benjamin Broome. Equipped with extensive experience in facilitation of groups, being one of the Fulbright trained Senior Trainers, and having participated in many bi-communal activities and in lots of conferences both in Cyprus and abroad, he was able to respond to the needs of the group. At the same time, he was able to provide necessary information, knowledge, encouragment and positiveness in order to preserve and expand the enthusiasm of the young entrepreneurs. What is Y2P?

Y2P is a youth project, it is a project inspired, designed and operated by young people who want to raise their voices for their future. Y2P has developed into a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), an independent, non-politcal and non-profitable organization formed by youth initiatives, lead by the youth and governed by the youth. A highlight in the development of Y2P was achieved in 1999 when the group secured a USAID grant that was awarded through United Nations Development Program to CNTI: Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute. CNTI acts as an umbrella organization for a number of bicommunal projects and activities. Y2P has the strong support of many other bicommunal groups and especially the NGO Support Center, which kindly provides space amd infrustructure for meetings and workshops, the Technology for Peace group which hosts electronically all its activities, the Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group, which kindly provides facilitation during workshops, the Citizen’s movement for Re-unification and co-existance which provides networking, as well as many others.

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