Supply Cha!nge

The Supply Cha!nge project is running under the lead role of Christliche Initiative Romero (CIR) in Germany, along with 18 EU member state partners, sub-grantees in rest EU member states and 5 partners from Non-EU countries. Through a variety of activities and awareness campaigns, the project aims to inform 25 million European citizens about sustainability, production and consumption patterns in all 28 EU member states during the EYD 2015. Specifically, the optimum goal is to influence the general public, decision makers and major supermarket managers to transform their brand name supply lines into sustainable. Through its activities, the project will encourage European citizens to take responsibility for demanding from policy makers to introduce sustainability to major supermarket supply chains and to be active in decisions that foresee constant sustainable growth in an interdependent world by demanding Fair Trade regulations, sustainable and responsible corporate business practices and credible certification schemes.

The expected results of Supply Cha!nge is to 1) encourage 2,5 million European citizens to demand policy changes and to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle, 2) Promote specific implementation plans for fairer supply chains of 3 European supermarket chains, 3) Advocate the initiative or improvement of two European laws and regulations on fair trade relations, and 4) Establish a transparency platform to access relevant information about supply chains of store brands of European supermarkets.