World From Our Doorstep

World from Our Doorstep is a project that aims to inspire and excite young children to explore and appreciate the world, to engage with the outdoor environment, and to broaden their horizons - both local and global. The project works with pre-school practitioners, infant teachers, teaching assistants and other adult helpers, to build their confidence and expertise so that they can incorporate challenging and stimulating global learning into their day to day work with young children. The project's overall objective is to raise the awareness and change the attitudes of young children towards development issues and ensure they can take action to support sustainable ways of living. The project is designed to explore three main learning themes: the concept of interconnectedness (local-global links), sustainability, and fairness (through Fairtrade).

The programme has been exceptionally successful in Cyprus, where 43 teachers, representing 32 schools (Greek and English language) have been trained in using project materials and 34 teachers in 24 schools are participating in the project. The educators' enthusiasm has been inspiring as they are active, engrossed and eager and are already integrating the sources and materials as part of their curriculum. The programme is being led by CDEC (UK), with partners from Cyprus (FWC), Poland (IGO) and Bulgaria (Alliance).

(lead applicant CDEC (UK), partners: FWC (CY), IGO (PL), Alliance (BG))