Map Your Meal

Map Your Meal (MYM), is a Europe-Aid funded project designed to explore the origins of our food, their individual components, and their socio-economic and environmental impact and to highlight the vast extent of global interdependencies, on a personal, national and international level (i.e. consumer – producer).

The leading organization Future Worlds Center from Cyprus, with its partners C.E.G.A from Bulgaria, Sudwind from Austria, CDEC from the U.K and Fair Trade Hellas from Greece are working on creating a comprehensive smartphone application that will empower the everyday shopper by providing them with quick access to information on food products they want to buy.

The overall objectives of the project can be summed up into three points: Contribute to the EYD2015 by enhancing public awareness and understanding of global interdependencies through exploring the global food system; Mobilise young people to become engaged in promoting global social justice and sustainable ways of living; Connect European initiatives for sustainable living with similar initiatives in the Global South, fostering greater understanding of the concepts of food security, food sovereignty and sustainable food production and supply chains. The project's activities are purposely crafted to raise awareness about sustainability, equity, global justice and global interdependencies, in young people, youth workers/trainers, community educators, and the general public. Through the project the partners aspire to generate a strong and active coalition of citizens promoting human rights, equity, and sustainable ways of living. Additionally, the quality of lives of farmers, producers and their families will be benefited on a significant level.