The project theme is the empowerment of young people from less privileged groups and the promotion of their increased participation in the Youth in Action programme. The general aim of the project is to promote and foster the empowerment - and participation in the Youth in Action programme - of young people from less privileged groups, e.g. ethnic or religious minorities, youth from rural areas, socially disadvantaged families or other groups confronted with prejudices, discrimination or social exclusion such as disabled or LGBT youth. The project brought together NGOs that are active in youth work on an international and European level and which have a rich experience in developing and implementing projects in the context of the Youth, Youth in Action and Euromed Youth Programme and/or are striving to increasingly work with the Youth in Action programme. “UCYVROK” is aiming to provide a framework for these organisations in which they can exchange and pool their experiences and project deliverables from various projects they have developed or they are about to implement, especially youth exchanges, trainings, seminars, youth initiatives and youth democracy projects. It will help to establish links between projects and activities tackling similar issues and striving to overcome similar obstacles and arrange an organised framework for the valorisation, dissemination and exploitation of the results and achievements of those projects.

It meets the following objectives of YiA:

  • to promote young people’s active citizenship
  • to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people
  • to foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries to promote European cooperation in the youth field.
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