The basic concept is to create a platform that can bring together the various stakeholders in the area of accessible and assistive ICT with a view of identifying R&D gaps and emerging trends and generating a research agenda roadmap. It aims to identify examples of best practice and to disseminate the collective wisdom of all the relevant actors (both partners from within the project and stakeholders from outside the project) through, meetings, conferences and publications.

The major aim of the Coordination Action will be to improve the overall success of Challenge 7 ICT 2009 7.2 ‘Accessible and Assistive ICT’ by drafting a research agenda road-map highlighting research priorities that will favour eAccessibility.

It aims to do this by looking into the wide range issues that play a role in the availability of accessible and ICT from issues related to research and future research priorities, development and design issues, right through to issues relating to making the business case and the adoption or non-adoption of a particular technology or service. It will also investigate both the barriers that hamper the availability of accessible and assistive ICT and the actions that can be taken to enhance availability. One technique that will be used is structured dialogue.

Project Director: Dr. Yiannis Laouris

Project Coordinator: Mrs. Georgina Shitta

Research Associates: Mrs. Tatjana Taraszow

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